"I purchased an electric bike from Day 6 Bicycles located in Iowa. I did not know what to expect as I previously rode non-electric bikes of normal configuration and was experiencing discomfort mostly with the seat and handle bar set up, which lead to me riding less and less over time. After riding my Day 6 electric bike the joy of bike riding has returned. The semi recumbant configuration is an "A plus" design, combined with the seat, back rest and handle bars I am experiencing no discomfort no matter how long I ride. Then add the electric motor and even more joy returns to bike riding. It can be windy, there can be hills and with an assist from the electric motor and all those things just vanish. I am riding all the time, for longer distances and getting way more exercise than I could have imagined putting up with the discomfort of my regular bike. One of the best purchases I have made for my health and well being!"

Steve B. - MN

"Oh my gosh, the bike is amazing with the battery! I went on a 10 mile ride yesterday with my friends. It has changed my life!"

Ann in TX

"Thanks Kelly!

Betty and I went for a ride on Sunday and I got to try out our electric Day 6 for the first time. We chose a trail with a lot of hills and what a difference the motor makes! It is so nice to have, and after a bit of practice, you can really find the "zone" with the combination of the gear and RPM of the motor that really seems to just fly along! We went about 15 miles and my battery indicator never came off green, so the batteries must be in good condition. I feel kind of guilty using it, but I didn't have any knee pain after the ride either. We also had some people come up to us and ask about the bikes, and I gave them your card. It really gives me some incentive to go on some trails with hills that I would otherwise choose not to because of my knees."

Thanks again,


My name is jedd. I am david's son. I just wanted to say thank you very much for the day 6 electric bicycle. I am riding it almost every day except when it rains. It goes fast and it does good going up hills. It was just as everything i expected it to be. If their are any problems with the bike my dad or i will contact you."

Thanks again Kelly!