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Day 6 Bicycles

Quite simply, the average person quits riding a bicycle for two reasons.  Traditional bicycles are terribly uncomfortable and they make riding up hills and into the wind miserable.  As people get older, heavier, more out of shape, injure their back, or have some other physical limitation, riding a traditional bicycle becomes almost unbearable.
Twenty years ago, when the first Day 6 bicycle was being developed, electric bicycles were extremely rare.  Soon after we began producing the Day 6, we received requests for electric assist.  And why not?  Not only did people love and need the comfort and ergonomics Day 6 provided but a boost was essential.

The bicycle industry says using an electric motor is cheating but to many people it is their only way to stay active and out there!  If you are looking for an electric bicycle - and comfort and ergonomics are important - see what separates Day 6 from EVERY other bike.  The good ones all have reliable motors and batteries but NO ONE has the wide seat, contoured backrest, raised bars that eliminate leaning forward, the low step over bar for easy entry and exit, and the lower seat that allows both feet to reach the ground.  There simply is nothing like Day 6 Electric!